Monday, May 21, 2018




Thomson Reuters Building

3 Times Square

New York, NY 10036

(see map below)

Join the Thomson Reuters mortgage team for a casino game themed networking event.

Enjoy an open bar, appetizers, casino games, and an amazing view of the New York City skyline.


Event registration is now closed. Please contact Michael Ehrlich with questions.



Helpful Tips: Navigating NYC

  1. Midtown Manhattan is a giant grid.  Getting lost is pretty hard. Odd Avenues run North to South. Even Avenues run South to North. Even Streets run West to East. Odd Streets run East to West.   As you walk West the Avenues go up. As you walk South the Street numbers get lower.
  2. If you’re hailing a cab, look for taxi’s with their numbers lit up. Just the numbers though.  That means the driver wants a fare. Once you’re in the cab give the driver a cross street not an address.  “9th and 57th”  for example. If you give them an address they will know you’re a tourist and will be more likely to take you on a joy ride.
  3. Midtown sidewalks are super highways.  You wouldn’t stop abruptly on the highway. Don’t do it on the sidewalks here. Locals will run into you on purpose and blame you for jamming the breaks at full speed in heavy traffic.   Also don’t stand in the middle of the sidewalk staring at your phone. Get out of the way! Cross-walks are high-traffic areas too. If you’re waiting to cross the Avenue, get out of the way of people who are crossing the Street. Make a path!
  4. NYC restaurants are graded on a letter scale. You’re looking for an “A” in the window. Anything else is caveat emptor.  Don’t eat in Times Square. It’s gross. Go West for food. 9th Avenue is filled with awesome restaurants. Especially between 43rd and 52nd St.  
  5. Don’t stand at the top of the subway stairs staring at your smartphone unless you want to be pushed down the stairs.
  6. Watch out for people on bikes. They will hit you.  
  7. Dogs and humans alike use the sidewalks, streets, and phone booths as bathrooms. Keep that mind when you get home. Clean your shoes!
  8. Bring a phone charger with you…everywhere